Bolognese/Bichon Bolonais


*****  UPDATE ***** 
We have just mated Jaz with a handsome Bolognese from Belgium, we will know in a couple of weeks (end October 21) if we are expecting our first litter of Bolognese puppies!!!

We have recently welcomed a new breed to our family the Bichon Bolonais (French spelling) or Bolognese (English).

Jaz is the newest member of our family, I have always been a lover of big dogs but Isabelle wanted a smaller breed and our good friend Shirley Hall Roberts of the Beachasseur Kennel kindly introduced us.  Jaz is not at all what I expected, she is not yappy and is an absolute bundle of fun.  She has settled down with the Goldens and her best mate is the big lad Max, who very calmly and softly plays tug with her with his toys!!